‘Game of Thrones’-Themed Oreos Are in the Works: ‘Cookies Are Coming’


Game of Thrones Oreos are coming. Ready or not, America’s favorite cookie is getting a Westeros-worthy makeover in celebration of the show’s eighth and final season, which is slated to premiere on April 14.

The official Oreo Twitter account hinted at the themed treat’s release on Saturday, February 23, sharing a 9-second clip with the caption “Cookies are coming.” The dark and foggy video then opens on the word “Oreo,” as the letters that make up the cookie’s moniker then become part of the larger phrase, “#ForTheThrone.”

A rep for Oreo confirmed to Us Weekly that the treats are in works, explaining, “For now all I can share is a confirmation that cookies are, in fact, coming.” The rep also added that there will be “much more to come” as the GOT premiere date approaches.

According to CandyHunting, an Instagram account dedicated to “the newest junk foods,” the GOT-centric cookies are expected to be identical to regular Oreos, but they will come in a package that’s bound to get fans of the HBO drama really psyched.

Alongside a blurry photo of said packaging, which features the names of different houses written across the front, CandyHunting noted these Oreos are not expected to be released as an exclusive to any particular store, which is sometimes the case when new flavors or designs debut.

While no release date for these treats has been given just yet, CandyHunting noted that the newest member of the ever-growing Oreo lineup is expected to “be out sometime before the debut of the final season on April 14,” which makes sense.

As Delish pointed out, a themed-Oreo is just the latest odd (but welcome) promotional push in honor of the series’ six-episode final season. The #ForTheThrone campaign has already blessed us with a show-themed makeup line from Urban Decay and a LOL-worthy commercial for Bud Light that first aired during the Super Bowl earlier this month.

This is hardly the first time a Game of Thrones-inspired food has hit the market. The award-winning series has already spawned, among other things, a whisky collection from Johnnie Walker and a Mother of Dragons beer, which was released in September. Here’s hoping all of this food (and booze) will make the drama’s final season a bit easier to handle!

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